Sending your pet

Baggage2FLY also takes great pleasure and care in setting up your beloved pets for travel as well!

Prior arrangements are required when looking to send your pet to any destination. We ask that you contact our Customer Service agents 5 to 14 days prior to the expected date of travel.


A health certificate issued by the veterinary and validated by the Agriculture authorities in Canada. Certificate is only valid for a period of 10 days.
Please visit www.inspection.gc.ca for additional details.
Vaccination records
A picture of the pet inside the kennel.
The pet (cat and dog) must be between 8 weeks old up to 11 years old to travel safely.
The kennel must be made of rigid plastic (travel safe), wire cages not permitted. The kennel must be spacious enough to allow the animal to stand, turn around and lie down in a natural position.
Absorbent material placed at the bottom of the cage.
Include two (2) empty plastic containers (one (1) for food and another one (1) for water).
It is suggested not to feed the animal within two hours of the flight departure.
If you wish, you may include a plastic bag with food and attach it to the exterior top part of the kennel.
You may also attach a pet water bottle to the kennel.
The animal is not be sedated prior to the flight.
*We invite you to visit the IATA Traveler’s Pet Corner for additional information concerning pets travelling via air at www.iata.org.org.